Hello There, I am Charne Madden.

Before I started my journey towards becoming an infant and child sleep trainer, I was a reception teacher and then went on to become the Principal of a beautiful International Kindergarten in Hong Kong (certainly a fast pace city)  before settling in sunny Sydney, Australia with my 2 kids (Georgia and Jonty) and husband.

I had just taken on the new position of Principal when I found out I was pregnant. We were delighted but I selfishly couldn’t stop worrying about how I was going to manage this new demanding but professionally rewarding role without sleep.

I soon realised I didn’t have too. I came across a podcast by an American based sleep consultant that completely changed my outlook on what to expect (both the joys and challenges) when bringing your newborn home. I reached out immediately whilst in the later stages of my pregnancy and she gave me invaluable guidance and vision on what this time would encompass from first arriving at home from the hospital and the evolution through to primary school age.

Her insight made me quickly realise that parenthood didn’t mean you were always shattered and that you spend all your free time desperately searching for shut eye. To the contrary really, she made me realise that sleep with babies and toddlers is absolutely possible.

Upon returning to work when my new-born was only 3 months nobody really believed me when I said my baby was sleeping 11/12 hours a night. Most of the feedback I was getting from parents was that they hadn’t slept a solid night since their baby was born (and these were toddlers and kindergarteners now!). More and more of the kindergarten community started opening up about how little sleep they were getting with their 3, 4 and even 5-year olds.

This brought me where I am today. I am determined to help you find the solution to what seems to be never ending nights and exhausting days, but certainly doesn’t need to be with some professional guidance and training.

Our programmes are designed to find the most fitting sleep training technique for your growing family. We look at how to adapt your schedule to ensure that your expectations are age appropriate, we iron out any associations that are causing a hindrance to your family’s sleep, we tweak the sleep environment and most importantly we work towards assisting families until they so are well rested and happy.


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